System- und Softwarehaus
Control systems

Our high knowledge in the field of electric technology and proceeding technic guaranties our customers the best solution for the required functions of their facilities and machines. Our solution concepts are in conformity with the ecological principles, they are innovative and in accordance to the latest technological level. The solutions will be developed in accordance with the customer.
  • Concept, design and realization of electrotechnic solutions for plants, special machines and production systems
  • Control-, measure- and regulating technology
  • Recording of process-, quality- and machine data
  • Hard- and Soft- PLC-solutions
  • Positioning control
  • Switchpanels, electric installation
  • Service and maintenance of elektronic systems


We offer you the complete solution, including:
  • Projecting
  • Cabinet manufacturing
  • Software development
  • Installation
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance
We also take single parts of a project to support your company's own control section.


We use standard relay technology, PLCs of different manufacturers, industrial PCs or a combination depending on the application. We only use high end products of leading suppliers on the market. Our aim is to produce quality. Here we would also like to point out our MPC Solution system.

Of course special experiences with Siemens S5 and S7 exist. Now more and more projects get realized by using our soft-PLC system MPC-Solution.

Projecting is done using the CAD-System EPLAN. By request, we also manufacture cabinets implementing special instructions from the customer and using special material.

Previous branches and solutions

Plant automation, car producers and suppliers, chemical industry, electric and electronic industry, glass, food, machinery, paper, process technology, enviroment solutions, corrugated paper, shipyards.

Filling machines, transport systems and stocks, production machines, handling devices, laminating units, conserving machinery, painting robots, neutralizing systems, embossing systems, presses, test equipment, powder handling, silos, stamping machines, rewinding units, production machinery, measuring systems etc.

Note: Currently no developments and no further support takes place in these areas.