System- und Softwarehaus
Climate technics

The climate chamber control, which was developed in collaboration with the engineering company Lippert in MPC-Solution is a further product of the IAR GmbH.

The visualization and controlling of the climate chambers takes place in MPC Solution, whereby a Siemens S7 assembly group which is connected with MPC Solution as in- and output unit via Profibus-DP is used as interface between the system and the chambers. An optional package with the name "PlantControl", which is realized via LAN acts as monitoring program for up to 18 chambers.

A general overview page, in which all chambers as well as their conditions are shown summarized is the starting point for the further navigation through the visualization pages. From this page it is possible to navigate to different chamber adjustments, to the archives page, in which saved actual value curves can be seen, as well as to the screen page "System" (for general operation, i.e. Language, Protocol).

In addition a failure monitoring and a logging takes place, in order to be able to remove arising failures in the process cycle.
All adjustments concerning System, Archives, Temperature, Humidity as well as allocations of in- and outputs can be made via keyboard and mouse.