System- und Softwarehaus

The iAR GmbH also develops customer specific electronic parts in the industrial and scientific area. During the development process of the board and the circuit design the newest development systems will be used.

Fieldbus switches allow microelectronic to be included to the industrial facility network. The customer specific firmware completes the solution.
  • Customer specific micro controller solutions
  • Development ranging from prototypes to series production
  • Affiliated software


Our customer specific solutions were developed from the function oriented design of the electronic up to series production. Our service includes the following areas:
  • Advising and conception
  • Developing of hardware (analog and digital)
  • Developing of firmware (Software)
  • Layoutdevelopment
  • Prototype- and series production
  • Inspection, adjusting and reperairing
We also produce and check your developed devices in series on demand.


We develop digital and analog circuits concerning your requests, primary with microcontrollers and programming logic in wired or surface installed procuction (SMT)

Previous solutions

PC-cards, Computermodules and Periphery, PLC, Monitoring gadgets, Regulators, Motorcontroller, Control units and special Function units.


Computer technics, Medicine technics, Industrial applications


We also develop the affiliated microcontroller software. We have experiences with Hitachi, Motorola, Siemens and Zilog processors. Depending on the processor, we program in C, C++ or Assembler.

Note: Currently no developments and no further support takes place in these areas.