System- und Softwarehaus
Venditor - Photo Product Sales

An easy thing to earn more money from your Photo, Book or Present website.
  • Additional business
  • Sales under own name
  • No investment
  • No technical staff
  • No production
  • Only web site necessary

How does it work?

We offer a system to sell individual photo-products like photobooks, calendars, files, puzzles, posters or other things by your webpage. You need not operate the system or produce or purchase the ware.

The customer orders online by the VENDITOR-System and designs his product. After the payment to your account the product is produced in a production center. The complete process is automatic. Monthly you pay the ware by the purchase price plus a provision for the VENDITOR-System. The rest of the money is yours.

You decide which products to sell. We make recommendations. Optionally you can also offer your own products. The design of the application ist customizable with your color and logo.

What's your job, what's our's

  • Supply of Hardware in the Cloud
  • Supply of Order-Software
  • Supply of Administration-Software
  • Getting to Run
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Updates
  • Production And Delivering of the products
  • Hotline for Provider
  • Support for Provider
  • Preparing Internet Site
  • Marketing And Advertisement
  • Customer-Hotline (optional by VENDITOR)

Sample Calculation

The calculation for a classic hardcover book 205 x 270 mm with 32 pages and designed cover as a single piece is:

Sales Price100,0 %
Value added tax6,5 %
Purchase37,5 %
System Provision15,0 %
Marketing costs about 10,0 bis 20,0 %
Revenue21,0 bis 31,0 %

How to start?

Please first test the ordering system, if it fits your needs. Click on the link below. It is a dummy system, which does not innitiate a real order.

Test Software

If you like the software and if you want to cooperate with us, please send us your data by phone +49-9641-9215-0, per mail or email. Building up a system takes about 6 weeks excluded the time from 1. Nov. until 31. Dec. of a year.