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Place Control

Place Control is a software package for placing geometric shapes onto a rectangular area.

The optimized disposing allows the automatic loading of palettes or carriers with robots, so you can reduce staff.

Our software package identifies the products by their polygon silhouette.

After getting this identified item from a store, it will be placed. The storing management is an integral part of the system.

  • Automatic positioning according to exact criteria
  • Palletizing of mixed products
  • Article maintenance
  • Automatic placing in/removing from storage

  • Optimal positioning and material protection
  • Reduction of expenses
  • Gain in efficiency
  • Physically exhausting works can be performed mechanically


Arranging of articles
  • The arranging of articles can be initiated automatically or manually.
  • The respective articles will be placed in resp. removed from the storage automatically.
  • The data of the single articles will be saved and managed in the article database.

Options optimization
  • The miscellaneous parameters for the positioning can be adjusted precisely.
Options machine
  • The parameters of the connected machine can be changed easily and comfortably.

Place Control is qualified for various applications.

We also provide extensions for specific customer requirements. Furthermore we create concepts for an application according to your demands. We will be glad to advise you.