System- und Softwarehaus

Traditional solution concepts in the industrial field often cause a seperation between technical and economical data processing. Innovative solution concepts, in turn, aim at a reflection of all processes in a production company. The iAR GmbH is specialized on technical software, providing an especially suitable solution for the customer and causing a seamless connection between technical and commercial EDP.
  • Application programs, for example photo product editors and shop systems
  • Logistic solutions
  • Inter- and Intranet solutions
  • Database applications
  • Process visualisation and supervising systems


We provide you with the complete project solution. Our services include the following sections:
  • Consulting and concept
  • Software engineering and implementation
  • Start-up
  • Trainings
  • Service and support
On demand we also take over parts of your projects in order to assist your internal department. Our team is experienced and therefore provides the best qualification for a effective application engineering.


We implement software in "C", "C++" "C#" and SQL for the operating systems Microsoft-Windows©.

You get a wide variety of technical, scientific or commercial applications. We are also equipped to write drivers and distributed applications (COM, DCOM, COM+).
Our software is developed in error minimizing and error indicating technics. All functions are documented and well tested.

You also get microcontroller software or software for Windows CE from us. Our team is well-versed and with the different experiences of the members they have the best qualification for application development.

We analyse your problem and create the architecture out of it. This is then filled with object oriented program code. This is realized by distribution of the tasks within a team. The tests start already during the development.

We have developed applications ranging from mini programs with only a few days of work to complex tasks with 10 or more man-years. During development we always leave room for further enhancement and maintenance of the software.

Previous branches and solutions

Storage software, logistic systems, checking software, Soft-PLC, Visualizing

Sample: MPC-Solution

MPC-Solution is a "Soft-PLC" with positioning features, integrated visualisation and protocol. The programming tool is within the system too. Due to a lot of complex operations and a simple tree structure you can easily program, simulate and test your projects without additional tools directly at the machine or process as well as in the office.

Further information under: MPC-Solution Website.